Villa Precious Paws -        Four Paws Doggie Resort
Sophie and Blossom
"Our dog Sophie has been going to Villa Precious Paws for over six years. We knew it was the right place to send her because she seemed so at ease with Elke from the very beginning. We also liked the fact that Villa Precious Paws was a small dog orientated daycare. When we got our second Havanese, we also started sending her to daycare with Elke. When we drop our dogs off in the morning, they are very happy to see Elke. They walk up the driveway after Elke (with their tails wagging happily) and they barely look back at us. It is very comforting for my husband and I to know that our dogs are so well cared for - especially when we leave them for longer periods of time when we travel. We know they are safe and well looked after. I think my dogs consider Villa Precious Paws to be their home away from home.  It is also very reassuring for us to know our dogs are being cared for by Elke, because she has a good heart and she really cares about all the dogs she looks after. We are very thankful we found Elke and Villa Precious Paws. "

~Louise D. , Redmond, WA

"To every small dog owner. My wife and I moved to the Redmond area six years ago. We are retired and from Southern California. We make four to six trips a year to visit our friends and relatives living in different states.
I have a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel who goes and does everything with me. His name is Rocky. He is not just a dog. He is my special companion. I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving him for a week at a time. I knew he would be caged, and only let out occasionally for a little exercise.
Someone told me about Villa Precious Paws run by Elke Lewis at her home on the Sammamish Plateau. I called Elke and asked if I could come and visit her facilities. Villa Precious Paws was exactly what I was looking for. Elke takes day borders and overnight guests. The dogs are never caged. They have the run of the house and can go into the fenced yard anytime they want to. Rocky always makes friends and enjoys his little vacation immensely. Not only are they free to roam the house and yard but Elke takes each dog on a leash and takes them for nature walks. Elke takes care of all of Rocky's needs. He is fed twice a day, which he truly likes, and goes to his own bed when he needs his nap.
Usually when I leave Rocky for four or five hours at our home, Rocky doesn't eat or drink until I return. Elke has told me, Rocky would rather be with me but this is like a little vacation for him . Elke gives each pet so much love and attention that Rocky knows this is vacation home and he drinks and eats normally.
I'm the one who has the separation anxiety  but I know Rocky is in a place where he is loved and cared for.
We have had some early morning plane trips and even though Elke has business hours, Elke has gone way out of her way to accommodate us.
There is no other facility that I would leave Rocky with. I'm so glad I found Villa Precious Paws. I hope you will give her facility a try. You will not regret it and we'll never leave your dog with anyone else.
Villa Precious Paws gets five out of five stars from me."

 ~John G. , Carnation, WA

Charlie and Thomas
"We can’t say enough good things about the exceptional care provided by Villa Precious Paws. My two little cairn terriers have been going to VPP since they were six months old. They like it there so much, they don’t want to come home! 
It’s like doggie Disneyland. There are so many things to do at VPP. Of course number one is interacting and playing with the other small doggies. Then there’s the daily nature walks on VPP’s wooded acres, with frequent squirrel and duck sightings. Throughout the property there are several different fenced in areas where the dogs can play together. 
There are no crates or cages at VPP, my boys get to sleep where they want to, on the many cushioned areas around Elke’s house. 
There are no extra charges, like for giving medication etc. Elke is always available to give you updates on your little guys via phone or email. And when you pick them up, Elke provides a written report of your dog’s activities for the day. There is never any worry leaving my pups at VPP. They simply have a blast!"
~Mark & Patti N. , Issaquah, WA

Boo Boo, Cody and Cassidy
"My husband and I have been taking our three VERY spoiled little furbabies to Villa Precious Paws for several years.  We can travel without worrying about their safety and well being.  Elke emails and texts us daily with photos and stories about our dogs' adventures.  She knows their idiosyncrasies as well (if not better!) than we do at this point. 
It is such a blessing to have Villa Precious Paws care for our four pound Chihuahua, five pound Pomeranian and six pound Rat TERROR  :-)  Elke accommodates and handles their 'attitude' (remember VERY spoiled), special dietary requirements and health challenges so well.  We highly recommend Villa Precious Paws to all our friends who have small dogs....Elke is simply the best!"
~Kevin & Lori K. , Woodinville, WA
Chico and Dusty
“Our 7 year old Chihuahua Chico, has been going to Villa Precious Paws since he was 6 months old. Hewas our family’s first small dog and we were very nervous to leave him at the typical kennel type of boarding or anywhere. He was such a tiny sweet little boy and at that time had some health issues. The first time I left him with Elke I cried because I knew I was going to miss him so much even though I knew he would be in good hands. I knew this because Elke had spent extra time with Chico and me during an interview a week earlier. Her warmth, professionalism and amazing knowledge about little dog issues put me at ease, and I knew how fortunate I was to have found this safe haven for my little prince. She sent me email updates everyday letting me know of Chico’s antics and when I returned 10 days later, my sweet little dumpling was happily running around with the other guests and I knew he had a good time.
Since that time, Chico and his adopted brother Dusty (a Chi/Mini Pin mix) have had several vacations at Villa Precious Paws. It is their second home. I can tell by how excited they are when I drop them off that they will have fun playing with the other guests. And when I pick them up, the blankets and bedding I have sent with my guys have been washed and I always get a detailed summary of the fun times they each had as well as concerns. For example, the last time I left my boys I was concerned about Chico’s knee. He has been limping at times and I asked Elke to keep a special eye on him. As usual, I received several updates by email as well as a full (typed) report when I picked him up.
I am very grateful to have such a safe and loving sanctuary to leave my boys when I can’t take them with me. Elke is so organized, kind and incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive regarding little doggies.”

~Charmaine M. , Sammamish, WA
Alfie and Lucy
"We are Westies and we love to go to Elke's house. Our Mom never has to worry about us when we are there. We especially like the nature walks and the Turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. We come home and sleep for 2 days. We consider  ourselves very lucky that we get to have so much fun when Marsha is out of town."  "Woof Woof!"
~Alfred and Lucy T., Issaquah Highlands, WA
Izabo (Izzy), Oliver and Gabby
My wife and I never had children, but we do have three small dogs who mean everything to us.
Although we would love to take them everywhere we go, we know that it is not always possible and unsafe to do so.  When we need to be apart from them, our minds are always put at ease knowing that they are going to "Auntie Elke's".  They have gotten to a point, when they hear mention of Elke's name, their little ears perk up and have that facial expression...well, like going to "THE PARK"!  They absolutely love their stay at Villa Precious Paws and go crazy when we pull up to the front gates (if only we could get that same reaction when going to the vet or to the groomer).  Our first dog, Izzy, has had some bad experiences at other places that left her shy, reserved and scared to trust most of the time, but not at Villa Precious Paws.  Elke has really turned things around.  Izzy is just as excited as the other two dogs when they arrive.  Elke was able to do this and she has our respect and our trust.
One day, while in town with my dogs in the car, they all went completely crazy and I was not sure what was going on.  Only to find out that Elke's vehicle had pulled up next to us in the next lane.  They had recognized the driver although I had not until later as the light changed.  They absolutely adore her and they know the relationship is mutual. 
If you are looking for a loving and caring place for your dogs, look no further.  See the pictures for yourself.  This place is like "Paradise" or "Disneyland for Dogs" (or an amuzement park, if Disney isn't okay).  The grounds are well-kept and in a peaceful neighborhood.  Give Villa Precious Paws a call to set up a visit.  You will not regret it.  She tries not to take too many dogs at once so she can spend individual time with each of those most precious to us!  After their visit, we feel like we are still on vacation once we get home because all three are so exhausted from their play and fun while at Auntie Elke's. 
Elke, thank you for all that you do and for your flexibility when needed during life-changing events.
~Chris B. and Lisa H., Issaquah, WA
Well, we're not exactly sure where to begin or end, as our appreciation for Elke knows no bounds.  Dolly was our elder Sheltie who suffered from a number of ailments.  I say, suffered, as she is no longer with us in body, albeit, always in spirit.  Both my wife and I had challenging enough careers to where we had to board  Dolly from Monday morning (when I would drop her off) to Thrusday evening (when I would pick her up once more).  Through another kind person, the name of Elke came up and so Dolly's new parallel family came to be.  As the weeks and months passed, I began to notice how progressively more difficult it became to coax Dolly to get up from her spot on the comfy, over-sized pillow/blanket under Elke's kitchen table for the trip home, so used was she to becoming to the fact that she had in fact two homes, all thanks to Elke's infinite care and patience.  My wife loved our older girl, and even made her food from scratch which Elke diligently warmed up for Dolly prior to each meal time.  But here's what sets Elke apart, really, she made sure that Dolly's food would cool down enough to where it would not accidently burn her...and, by the way, Elke made sure that she would warm her food on the stove and never in the microwave (as she wan't sure it would be good for Dolly).  Elke also provided our girl and all of her other guests with a safe environment so that you can be assured your cherished four-legged friend and family member is well looked after.  If we do ever decide to have another dog, and, if the need would arrise for us to board him/her, we are sure to know who to reach out for help.  Thank you, Elke, for all that you did for Dolly, for clearly going "above and beyond" all our expectations.  We will be forever grateful, as will Dolly. 
~Remo and Jill, Medina, WA
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